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Offering Plant-Based Craft Meats since 2021

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We believe that when it comes to feeding and providing a more sustainable future we don't have to sacrifice quality. Our positive choices no matter how small can have a huge impact on our health, our local communities, and our planet. We provide our consumers with nourishing plant based meats that not only use natural ingredients and a sustainable packaging, but the best tasting quality plant-based meats possible. 


When I went plant based I still missed the classic Texas recipes I grew up with, so as an engineer I saw a problem and began to problem solve, but this time I did it right in my kitchen. I recreated plant based versions of the animal proteins that my Texas cowboy dad taught me how to smoke and grill growing up. That's how Smoky Mmm Eats began. It sounds like "Smoky Meats" when you say it even though it's not meat (not in the traditional sense) Now we want to share our plant based journey with you and your family.

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At Smoky Mmm Eats, we believe that plant-based eating is not just about catering to a specific dietary concern, but also about promoting a more compassionate and conscientious way of living. We firmly believe that every animal deserves to live a life free from cruelty and abuse. That's why a portion of our proceeds goes to the following sanctuaries to help continue animal protection.

Rosie's Farm Santuary in Potomac, MD 

Poplar Spring Santuary Poolesville, MD


Chef Chel'se on The Rhode Show!

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