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Offering Plant-Based Craft Meats since 2021

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We believe that when it comes to feeding and providing a more sustainable future we don't have to sacrifice quality. That our positive choices no matter how small can have a huge impact on our health, our local communities, and our planet. And as small business we believe it is our duty to provide our community with nourishing plant based meats that not only use natural ingredients and a sustainable production process, but the best tasting quality plant-based meats possible. 


I had been mostly plant-based for 6 years. As a Chemical Engineer traveling to small towns in Texas and Louisiana for work  it was extremely difficult to find quality plant-based options. In fact it was during one of these work trips when I first started to learn about plant-based meats. Originally from Houston TX, I grew up in a very traditional meat focused Cajun family. Everyday growing up we had either tacos with eggs, bacon, and cheese for breakfast, cheeseburgers and fries for lunch, and chicken with gravy for dinner.

I remember vividly, during one of my many work trips, I stumbled upon a documentary on the negative environmental impacts as well as the cruelty of  meat production and consumption industrial complex. I was so impacted that the next morning, after looking at the sausage at the hotel breakfast buffet, I just couldn't bring myself to eat it. And from there on I slowly gave up one animal protein after the next, over the next few months until going entirely plant-based.

My last experience eating animal protein was this delicious smoked sausage, that my grandma and I used to get from a little shack located on a small Texas country road. My mom would also go there to pick up some to put in her classic family Cajun gumbo. I couldn't help myself it was the ultimate test of whether I was really going to give up meat. I tasted it and all the fond memories washed away and could think about was that animal.

From that moment on I knew i was committed giving up animal protein.  But I was unwilling to give up on the history, memories, and flavors passed down through our family dishes and traditions when I went to the stores and shopped online I could not find anything that could meet the high standards, complex textures, and robust flavors that I was used to. That's when I put my engineering hat on started experimenting with making my own vegan meat. And after a long time of trial and error I started developing plant-based meats that were better then anything that I could find at the stores. And to my surprise my meat eating family really liked it too!

I met my husband and who moved to Texas really loved Texas BBQ. I began to come up with plant based things he
could grill and smoke while having a beer on our deck. I wanted to share this experience that can allow non-meat and meat eaters alike to enjoy in some of their traditional comfort foods in vegan, flexitarian, or mixed diet households. It was then that Smoky Mmm-Eats was created. Sounds like "Smoky Meats" when you say it, but when you look closer it's not meat (in the traditional sense anyway!).

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Chef Chel'se on The Rhode Show!

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